my favorite word


it's not as fun to say as other words are
- like sassafrass! -
but for me, it's the meaning.

life is full of bittersweet moments
good and bad, highs and lows

I just took Sam to school today.  we found, in my opinion, THE perfect school for him.  if it was up to just me, I'd have him go to this school up through highschool, Elliott too.  he's beginning now because it's time for him to start something.  he's been ready for school for awhile now ... I've been ready for it too!  he's smart and wants to learn, social and wants to play, and now that he's finally a big boy, it's time.  all sport activities begin later on this spring and summer, but besides that we figure, what better place to put our money than into this school.  so we asked and we received! we got approval to finish out the remainder of the school year.  whoo hoo!  so that's the sweet part.

I dropped him off knowing he was in good hands ... but I cried on the way home.  I don't know if it's a mom thing or a parent thing, but it's on the verge of heartbreaking how fast our kids grow up.  now that he's in school, he'll be in school for what seems like forever.  it's just a big part to letting go.  I miss him already.  this is the bitter part.

Elliott is doing great, although I have the same bittersweet feeling for him.  he's cutting 4 teeth pretty much at the same time, so he hasn't been the most pleasant baby.  he won't quit biting me while nursing, so I want to stop, but he's not a year yet to drink regular milk.  why put him on a bottle with formula for less than 2 months?  bitter bitter bitter

on the other hand, he's so darn cute.  he'll be walking soon; I've caught him standing by himself for about 5 or so seconds, he's a pro at "furniture walking."  he laughs.  he loves his brother.  LOVES  bathtime, just like Sam did.  he's starting to point at things.  says dada a lot, and says mama only when he's crying and crawling to me in desperation.  good eater, good sleeper.  growing just as fast as he can.  all this is so so sweet.  to see all his milestones is truly priceless.

I find many things of God are bittersweet.  you go through many tests and trials, only to come to this shining light at the end of your tunnel.  His plan is always for the good of the kingdom, I believe that.  no matter how bitter, the sweet always comes.

love your kids, they won't be kids for long
it may seem like it will take forever for them to grow up, but it truly doesn't
may God bless every parent with sweetness,
because YOU have an amazing job to do

gotta go now, Elliott is crying with a very poopy diaper
oh joy!  priceless, right?

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