we went to the Denver zoo yesterday. they had a free admission day, so we took advantage. many places (zoo, museums, etc) are offering free days, so check out your local area. it's nice to be able to go out and have some fun, even
in this economy!
Elliott could have stayed and watched the fish all day. it was so cute. he really was fascinated by all those fish and sea turtles he saw. wouldn't it be cool to discover new things the way babies do? I love the wonder that comes across his face. full of hope, inspiration, and joy. isn't that how God wants us; faith like a child? it's so beautiful.
and here is Samuel with a polar bear who is standing 10' tall. we got to watch a couple bears playing and "talking" to each other. it's very neat to watch animals interact.
on the other hand, it saddens me to go to a zoo at all. none of these animals are meant to be here, caged and stared at. have you seen Happy Feet? that's what I think of. not to mention all the terrible stories of animals leaping from their den to snack on a stupid human that sitting there antagonizing them. what are you going to do? there are stupid humans everywhere.

oh and don't forget, you can always bring a picnic to the zoo too!

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Robyn said...

We went to the Denver Zoo when Jake was a baby, and I LOVED it! I like how there is just a wall of glass separating you from the animals, and all of the animals were up against the glass. Lions, gorilla, polar bears. The gorilla smacked the glass when some kids were teasing him, and he scared the crap out of them!
I struggle with the humaneness of it too, but at least it cultivates a love of learning for kids, rather than just seeing them in books and on tv. How fun that you got to go for free!
Oh yeah, on the day we were there, there were tornado sirens going in the city, and everyone was just looking at each other, thinking, "Where are we going to go?"