are we alone?

I found this in the Costco Connection, a magazine that every member gets.

continuing January's debate - is there life elsewhere in the universe?

"YES. the absence of proof does not constitute the proof of absence."
"YES. it would be a shame to think that we are the absolute best that God could create."

are you kidding?! so sad to hear how lost people are, isn't it?
the NO's made me laugh out loud.

"NO. I am still waiting for Earth life to display intelligence."
"NO. the universe is a pretty hostile place and the coincidences resulting in Earth are really a long shot. I think the coefficients in the famous equation are a lot smaller than thought. but more importantly, so what? I doubt we could communicate or have any shared values anyway. where is the dialogue with the ants who have been here a lot longer than we have and are clearly a higher pinnacle of evolution?" refer to Proverbs 6.

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Robyn said...

I never read that magazine, but actually did the other day because I was sitting at the table eating lunch and have to be reading something while I eat. I saw the same thing!
I just felt sorry for those people, and the millions of others like them.
I was pretty impressed with that family of bakers, though.