awake at 3am

it's 3am and I'm not sleeping.
I was, but then I cough.
I was, then my congestion takes over and I can't breath.
I was, then Elliott wakes up wanting to eat.


I have been sick for a few days now. it wasn't anything major until I had to drive to Wyoming to meet hubby (complicated nonsense) and driving there with the changing elevation really messed me up. now I'm coughing, congested, major sinus pressure especially behind my eyes ... sigh. the pharmacist gave me sudafed, which is approved by the APA. he said it will come through to Elliott and probably make him cranky, but drink lots of water. it helped, but not a lot. Elliott did get cranky. it hit him within a couple hours of me taking it. I always wondered what flavors he was eating, compared to when I ate them. there ya go, a couple hours.
I'm definitely a nose-breather-sleeper. (yep, coined that one myself!) if I have to breath through my mouth, I'll wake up gagging from dry mouth. yuck. hubby sleeps like that. yuck. that's part of the reason we're not snugglers, or rather, why I don't snuggle with him while sleeping. heavy breathing, bad breath, it's always loud too. he's also a total warm-body. snuggling next to him, you'll be sweating in 5 mintues, no lie. aaaah, but I do love him. I swear!

and can I just add, it's AMAZING how much snot your body can produce! kleenex is evil after blowing your nose all day, lotion kleenex or not.

Elliott has woken up a couple times tonight wanting to eat. he never has slept through the night consistently, but I am determined to get that going! I was reading about babies and all their cuteness, and everyone said babies after 6 months old that wake at night to eat does it out of habit, not because they're actually hungry. they want mama to come in and hold them close, console them, fill the belly, and then go back to sleep. who wouldn't want that?!
I personally believe in the cry-it-out method. I tried the other way, and he just cries harder when he sees me, then when I turn my back and leave again, cover your ears. why draw it out longer? and yes it keeps me up, but it's not like I can sleep anyway.
Elliott gives up a lot sooner than Sam ever did, which is nice. much more tolerable that way. but it still pulls on my heartstrings pretty hard. knowing exactly what he's asking for but still not giving it. it's usually when you can't understand what they need that breaks mamas' hearts, but here's the exception to that.
up until 5 minutes ago Sam slept right through it all. that kid sleeps like a brick. and I've heard that about boys; they won't be fully potty trained until much older because they just don't wake up for the middle of the night potty trips. whatever. to me, not a big deal. when/if it bothers Sam, then we'll work on it.

ok, so this is my learning curve. what have I learned?
don't get sick! maybe I need to be more of a germ-freak. afterall, we don't have insurance and can't afford to get sick! the boys are cold-free still, and I've been praying their health remains protected from those evil germs.
and I probably should've dealt with the sleeping through the night thing with Elliott months ago. he has a better memory now, not to say he won't love me again in the morning.
oh, and is there a way to get hubby to breath through his nose? I think I'm screwed on that one.


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