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guns is sort of a touchy subject for me. I'm not really sure how I feel abou them. hubby has owned guns for years now ... I guess that means I've owned guns for years now too.
I've never been interested in them. I think all I ever knew, was that guns can kill. the intention of a gun is to cause harm, something that I want nothing to do with. I need to learn to love, not hurt others.
but I realize it would be completely foolish of me to remain ignorant and uneducated, knowing full well that there are guns in our house. I need to learn to shoot. something my hubby has been waiting forever to hear! we drove up into the woods, about 8,000 feet. it was a pretty view and it was also pretty cold.
this gun with the scope is huge, and heavy, and I can't remember what it is exactly. it was hard to get the shot lined up, but once I did, I got to thinking about the kick it has, then I chickened out and didn't even shoot it!

here is me and my target. squint and you can see I got a couple in the white bullseye, with this massive AR-15 no less!
I also used a shot gun. that has lots of kick, in fact when I shot it, I got the top of a tree instead of my target that was straight ahead. I couldn't control it, it was just too powerful for me.
so then I tried a pistol. this I enjoyed much more because it was less kick, I didn't have to hold it againist my body, and this one made me feel like a super bad-ass cop chick ... just for a second anyway! I didn't get any of my targets on this one either.
the sad part of the day was this:
the trees are covered with bullet holes. bullets can kill trees too.

and the ground is covered with things that people have brought to shoot to death. I would never think to bring a step ladder, but someone thought it was a good idea. there were old computer monitors, tons and tons of beer cans, glass shattered everywhere, not to mention all the shot gun shells.

I'm sure it's not just these woods that are popular for shooting/target practice. now it will be hard to look at a beautiful mountain view without thinking about all this. it's so ugly. I wish I could pick it all up. there were certainly not enough hours in that day to do it.

if you have guns in your house, get a clue how to use them. I am not qualified by any means, but if need be, I'm at least a little capable now.
please be safe!

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