red lights

so I'm the first one in my lane to reach the red light. as I'm sitting there I think about all the times I've been that first person in line at a light. I realize it happens pretty often.
and I think how can that be possible with so many other drivers on the road? it can't always be me at the front. how often are you the first in line?
the "pressure" of having to know when the light turns green so no one will honk at you.
the paranoia of the cars that just got the red light, so you can have the green light, wondering if they will all stop or if that one moron thinks his light is still yellow and decides to run it.
or getting up to the speed limit so the guy behind you isn't on your tail anymore.

anyway, what I really wanted to share is this, not all that nonsense -
since I'm first at the red light, I look around to see ... whatever. across the intersection is a church (Assembly of God, I think) and they always have something clever up on their sign.
tonight it said: take life as it comes, but never leave it how you found it

I love clever ideas, inventions, and sayings like this. it's so simple, yet many times so difficult to do. Ghandi once said, "be the change you want to see," which is so right on in my opinion.

I hope the hundreds of people that drive by this church have the "ears to hear" the messages they put up. it's awesome that they are using words like Jesus did, hidden or not so hidden meanings, using parables.

as I see more of them, I'll share it with you blog-land!

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