my baby

sweet Eli. growing just as fast as he can! he is 8 months old now. a tooth is just barely poking through, he's been crawling for a few weeks now, all he wants to do is stand up and he is just starting to pull himself up on the furniture too, and when I'm around he's attached to me, like a magnet. VERY much a mama's boy! it's pretty frustrating sometimes, but then other times, it's nice to be wanted and needed so desperately. he's chowing major amounts of food too! some days I'm surprised at what this boy (his brother too!) can put away. here come those huge grocery bills that only boys bring - you get ready too Morgan!

now that he's so active, he's falling over and running into everything. he also is distracted by anything shiny, loud (his brother), something worth chewing on, etc. so we now enter into the I-look-abused-but-I-really-just-learning-to-walk phase. I remember Sam always had bumps and bruises everywhere. I thought for sure someone would call CPS on me, or something! today, Sam is as graceful as I am ... that's not saying much. I'm not accident prone, but I have been known to trip going up the stairs. never took dance or anything; I did play soccer for many years, you'd think that would give me enough coordination ... anyway, I digress.

so say goodbye to this sweet, unscathed face. his sweetness will of course still be there, but probably just in his mama's eyes, right?


Morgan said...

He is so cute! I can't believe how fast our babies are growing. I'm totally with you on all the bumps and bruises. I asked the ped about it one time and he said he'd be worried if they didn't have's normal. And, I was just talking to people about the amount of food boys eat. We will both definitely be spending lots of money at Costco. Is there a Costco there?

mrskgrimm said...

yep, luckily right around the corner. what would we do without the option of buying in bulk?!