older and wiser?

so I'm realizing how old I really am.
- I get called ma'am a lot
- I have a pretty good streak of gray hair going ... right in the front
- my 4 year old is just as good as I am on the computer
- I hate learning new technology ... and sometimes (ok most of the time) I make my hubby do it for me
- I'm in bed by 1030pm, almost every night. yes I have a new baby, but still ...
- I hate today's music
- I hate today's fashion

yep, I'm old.

as I was feeding Elliott, I was looking at pictures hanging up on our wall; most of them are Sam's younger years. Sam has always been a great kid, even during those terrible 2's. it's sad that those days are gone forever. of course it's also exciting for what's to come ... all the pictures I'll get of these boys together.

everyone that comes to oooh and aaaah over Elliott always tell me to enjoy this time since it goes by sooooo quickly. and it does! the way to remember these special times is to take a lot of pictures (right?) and how can you live in the moment, and really enjoy it, if you always have a camera in front of your face?! I want to remember it all because it truly is priceless.

what do you do to really enjoy their childhood?

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