we went to Colorado this last week to visit hubby's family.  his parents and 3 sisters moved to Colorado Springs a few months ago, but we haven't seen them all together since over a year ago.  it was a great family reunion!

here are all the kiddos together.
Rachel (9) is holding Elliott (3 mos), left is Victoria (almost 6), upper right is Elizabeth (3) and lower right is Sam (almost 4)

they had so much fun playing together.  it was like hubby and I went with just Elliott; Sam was so into whatever the girls were doing, it was like he wasn't even there.  I missed him this week.  it made me realize that I already have to let go a bit to let him live.  sad for me, but so exciting for him!

here is one of us.  bored and silly.

here is hubby with his youngest sister, Elizabeth.
aren't they cute?!  it's funny, they're siblings.  I'm still not used to that.  it makes these girls my sisters-in-law and Sam & Elliott's aunts.  funny.

here is grandma reading to Sam.
as you can see he's really into it, as he's digging for gold!

we found an arcade to play and collect tickets for those $1 store prizes.  sort of like a chuck e cheese, but much much better.  here is Sam, just like his daddy, in love with going fast!

here is Rachel, the oldest, with Elliott, youngest.

and last but not least, here is Rachel and Sam waiting for lunch.  we went to the zoo, and of course, my camera died.  so no more pictures.  :(

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