Mexico part II

for those wondering ... Mexico is officially out.  it's hard to say no to a house on the beach - literally, steps in your backyard will take you to the sand!
there is just too much that is unpredictable.  if it was just hubby and I, I'd be much more ready for the adventure, but I'm a protective mother of two little ones and just don't want to take chances with them.  plus Sam is about to begin school, we're still in the adjustment phase of a new baby, and if I think I have no friends now, I really don't want to add a language barrier to that.
we're still going to visit soon, get more contacts, and maybe God will bring us there later.  but for now, the timing is off.

we're looking around Escondido.  anyone know anything about that area?  we've taken a trip down there already to look at a few places, but nothing yet.
I'm so anxious to have our own place (no offense to my roommies!) and finally be settled.  we will be down-sizing, so we're having a big garage sale soon.
what do you need?  we may have it for you!


Robyn said...

I'm a litle relieved you're staying north of the border. I have a cousin in Encinitas and she loves it! That's all I know, except there is a great lavender festival, and I think a chocolate festival too!

mrskgrimm said...

you and my mom both!