buttered popcorn

this is kind of gross ... you've been warned.

what do you think of when you see &/or smell popcorn?  I think of movie night, at the theater or at home.
when I went to Zion, Miss Morgan gave me the acronym Go Eat PopCorn for remembering the order of some books in the bible; Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, & Colossians.  so now popcorn also makes me think of that.
well one day last week as Elliott was napping, I was cleaning house.  when I would walk through a certain room, I'd smell popcorn.  "that's funny, I know we don't have any popcorn,"  so I kept doing whatever I was doing.  well, it kept happening.  you know the smell; it's strong and it usually makes you want some right?  so then I thought "someone must have bought some and had some late last night or something," so I go check the cabinets ... nothing.
then I notice it's only when I'm in the same room as Elliott ... hhhhhmmmm.  coincidentally, he doesn't nap as long as he normally does.  so I pick him up to change him, and it's him!  he smells like popcorn, but I didn't totally understand until I opened up his diaper.  it was one of those messy poopy diapers, and I kid you not, it smelled like buttered popcorn and not poop.
ok, so how does that happen?  I haven't eaten any popcorn in I don't know how long, so it didn't come from me.  I thought I was going a bit crazy.
so hubby comes home during this and I just had to get someone else's opinion.  I said to him "yes this is a poopy diaper but you HAVE  to smell it"  he did and he came to the same popcorn conclusion.
I was reminded of this incident today, when I smelled "popcorn" from Elliott.  yep, it was another poopy diaper.  I should also mention that he's pooped in between these popcorn poops and it just smells like poop.  totally strange, right?
will I still eat popcorn at the movies?  probably :)

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