so much of society uses fear to get to people.  many ways to live "greener" uses fear to get to people, the media uses fear, anybody selling anything uses fear - once you catch on to what is happening, it disgusting.  are we so sheep-like?!

this could be a really long post if I keep
 going on this topic ...

what I wanted to post, I got this from American Baby magazine - the germiest things your kids touch
1. playground equipment: studies show that kids have THE MOST fecal bacteria on their hands after playing at the park; 20% of most playgrounds are contaminated.
2. shopping carts: 70% have fecal bacteria on them
3. high chairs: out of 30 chairs, 17 had e. coli and methicillin-resistant staph
4. restaurant tables:  "cleaning" a table with a sponge, usually makes it worse.  studies of 10 restaurants had 45x more bacteria AFTER they had been wiped down.
5. Elevator buttons: floor 1 is always the dirtiest, everyone has to get out by using it.
6. phones: 80% of homes with sick children were contaminated with the flu virus.

ok, so the germ thing has gotten to me.  yes, I am fearful of germs.  I sort of understand OCD behaviors coming from this idea that GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE!
babies and kids are much more sensitive to picking up germs.  in some ways it's good, they need to build up their immune systems.  but in most ways, it's a bad thing making them sick.  and as all parents know, it's soooo hard to see your little ones sick.

Elliott is starting to chomp on his hands and Sam is a nose picker.  when I see them doing that, I can't help but think of those 6 things and then some.  eeeeeewwwwwww!

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Robyn said...

I am so particular about wiping shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. So nasty! But it is easy to get too obsessed with it. Germs can be good!