so I might need to learn spanish ...
we're talking out the all the possibilities of living in Mexico.  sounds crazy, right?

the plan is to move south, somewhere much closer to San Diego.  this will make hubby's commute for work a lot less than it is now.  and since we are trying to find a cheaper place, we thought, why not Mexico?!

for what we're paying now for JUST rent alone ($2500) we could have a very very nice house practically on the beach, all necessary utilities, a regular maid, landscaper/gardener, food in the fridge + eating out a few times/week all for the same price.  seems too good to be true, right?

other benefits:
our children will be bilingual
we have a church connection
the people and the culture
no strict rules/laws

the unpredictable:
no strict rules/laws

still unknown and researching:
schools ... although I may still home school
immigration policies

hubby also was given a word about missionary work in Mexico some time ago.  he thinks there may be some connection to what's happening to him/us spiritually.  hhhhmmmmm ....

I took spanish in high school and do remember some of it.  I was never good at it though.  since we'd be just past the border a bit, most people will speak english I'm sure.  but I would have to learn it anyway, I can't be a hypocrite - I always thought all immigrants coming to the USA ought to learn the language here, it's the responsible and respectful thing to do.

I'll keep you bloggers posted ... adios!

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