off with her head!

every morning before breakfast, Sam goes out in the backyard to make sure our tomato plant has no caterpillars on it.  it's his newest chore ... we had found 1 on grandma's last week, it was huge!  we had named him tomato jack, TJ for short.  the very next morning we found 4 of TJ's long lost relative on ours!  their called tomato hornworms; they're green with white stripes and a little horn for a "tail," and if you leave them alone, they WILL eat your whole tomato plant!

so anyway -
Sam says: "mama, there's a bird in our backyard"
me: "that's nice.  come eat your breakfast"
Sam: "he's laying on the ground"
me: "that's nice. come eat your breakfast"
Sam: "mama, you've got to see him"
we go back and forth for a bit.  you see, there are always birds in our backyard.  that's normal, right?  I try to tell him that, but he's insists I go.  so, I go ... and this is what I saw.
OMG!  where is his head?!  poof go the feathers ... but no head.

pigeons like to fly around on all the rooftops around here.  it's very annoying!  hubby gets upset and always says he's going to get out his pellet gun and snipe them all.  so I call him up, thinking he's guilty since he openly admits his willingness to murder them one day, I thought maybe today was the day.  he says "uh Katie, a pellet gun couldn't take it's head off!"  :)
I have no idea why only his head was missing.  the rest of it's body is in tact, no bloody mess or anything.  any theories?

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