be consistent

"Breaking the Good Mom Myth"
chapter 4 is all about the all-protecting and all-caring mothers, those of us that pamper our children so much that is it actually damaging to their development. there is a lot of good stuff in this book; I want to quote all if it to you ... just read it for yourself.

here are a few tips for discipline success:
1. be consistent - you must follow through! not just the first time but EVERY time. consistency is a key to learning.
2. children don't learn from the threat of a consequence, they learn from experiencing it.
3. watch the attitude - if you discipline with any kind of judgment, you won't be affective and you'll just invite a power struggle. you need to be un-interested in the choices your children make for themselves.

it's difficult to watch our kids struggle, even if it's without the tears and frustration. if they're trying to tie a shoe, or learning to use a fork, or getting dressed in the morning - let them struggle, let them make mistakes, this is how they learn!

we need to prep our kids for life. remember these our God's children, and not our property.

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