disneyland pictures

we haven't seen Mickey Mouse in awhile, we were due to go.
I LOVE that we have passes and can do just a 1/2 day.
when you pay $80 for a ticket, you feel obligated to be there from open till close!
can you believe it, $80?!  people pay it though; it could be $100+ and people would pay it!

we noticed that the Disney parks is a huge melting pot of people.
it is internationally famous, so it's a popular vacation spot.
I think there are just 5 Disney parks in the world - Anahiem, Florida, Paris, Toykyo, and Hong Kong.
I've been told they're thinking to put one in Australia next.
if you're into people watching, Disney is definitely an interesting place to go.

we went to CA Adventure this time, then off to Downtown Disney for dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe.
it was a great day together!
hot, but not too hot. and the lines weren't that bad, considering we went on a Saturday.

here are a few photos - enjoy!

here's my big boy Sam, all set to go with his ears on!

this was in line for the newest ride, Toy Story.
if you haven't been, and get he chance, this is a VERY  fun ride.
Mr. Potato Head was talking to Sam, he said "wanna trade ears?"

this is me and the boys.
Elliott does great in the frontpack all day.
he sleeps and sleeps, then eats a bit, then sleeps and sleeps some more.
he's such a great baby, very easy going.

and last but not least, here are Papa and Sam on the carousel.

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