don't know what you've got until it's gone

I've lost my wedding ring.  actually it's been gone for over a month.  it was strange not having it at first, then it was a daily reminder of my absent-mindedness, then I was just sad.  my wedding ring really means a lot to me.  it's nothing too extravagant, but I'm big on sentiment.  we've been married 8 years, and when we re-newed our vows last year, my ring means that much more now.  the ring "mark" was just beginning to go away, then out of no where, I found it.  I was moving stuff around in my closet and all of a sudden it was there on the floor.  it definitely wasn't there the whole time, it must've fallen out of somewhere.  who knows.  thank God I found it!!
have you ever lost your ring?  I'm proud to be married.  it's a symbol that I'm taken ... not that I have a line out the door or anything!  but also it's a symbol of our commitment and loyalty to each other, a symbol of our love and family, and it is a product of God's divine plan.  when the ring isn't there, of course I know I'm still married, but seeing it throughout the day makes me think of those things.  it's a reminder of how blessed I am.  amen!

something else I'm losing these days ... my hair!  Elliott is just about 3 months old already, so my body is coming back to normalcy.  it was so nice to keep all my hair while I was pregnant; thick, full, and soft.  now I'm finding hair everywhere - pretty much every room of my house to Elliott's diaper ... which reminds me of a nasty story I read in a parenting magazine.  apparently a hair went unnoticed in her son's diaper.  he was screaming in pain and when she went to investigate, she found a hair wrapped around "his goods" and it was cutting off his circulation.  like when you wrap a rubber band or string around your finger; his poor little pee-pee was purple.  she had to take him to the doctor, I think in the end all was well, but watch out for your hair shedding into your boys' diapers!

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