in 2 days, 3 months!

look at this boy - gorgeous, right?!

I've forgotten how much I love babies.  

in 3 months he's smiling, cooing, trying to sit up (with help of course), and his neck is getting strong.

I absolutely LOVE talking with him.  it is priceless!

he's got those big blue eyes, like his brother and his mama.  I hope he keeps them.

spit up is subsiding a bit ... thank God!  I don't smell like sour milk 24/7 anymore ... that part I don't think I will miss at all.

you can see in the first picture, the creases in his thighs.  he's a super chunk; that crease is pretty deep. :)

we're finally getting a sleeping routine down.  last night I got a whole 6 hours in a row!!  that was just one night though, normally it's 4-5 hours.

I love that he'll know his brother his whole life.  he comes into this world with an instant companion; he knows no different.  I wonder if Sam will remember the days without Elliott ... probably not.

Elliott is healthy and happy, what else could I ask for?!

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