is there a #3 in my future?

today's doctor appointment gave me good news and sort of bad news ...

everyone wants the bad first, right?
hubby and I have decided that since I'm having a scheduled c-section, a tubal ligation would be easy - I'm already being cut open and we are sure we don't want to get pregnant again.  before Sam was born we talked about adoption and/or foster care, so if/when we would like to have more, we'll do that.
the hospital my OB normally works with is a catholic hospital, which will do the c-section but will not perform the tubal.  ok plan B - turns out the next hospital on the list will be shutting down their labor and delivery department all together and recently set the date of May 31st as their last day.  baby is scheduled for 06/02 so I'm thinking "well, what's a couple days earlier?"  having a c-section you are in the hospital for a minimum of 3 days, so that means baby would have to come out on 05/27 or 05/28, and that is too early.  my OB will not take baby out too early just so I can get a tubal done - I wasn't asking her to, but it makes me glad I have a doctor with some morals!  she also tells me the executives will be sitting down again to discuss the date, possibly to change it.  if they push it back all will go as planned - 06/02 at 3pm baby boy will arrive.  if the date does not change ... plan c?  my next appointment is in 2 weeks, hopefully we'll know more then.

maybe God has baby #3 in mind?  only time will tell - if so, He hasn't told me yet!

the other sort of bad news is that circumcision may not be covered under my insurance.  my OB was pretty sure they will see it as cosmetic, and not medically necessary.  tying my tubes is not medically necessary or cosmetic, but that's covered!  papa and big brother are done, so I wouldn't want this one to feel like the odd man out.  the boys should have matching goods ... right?

my poor swollen feet!
pretty in pink though; I got a pedicure over the weekend. :)

the good news -
baby boy is kicking up a storm in there and his heartbeat is strong and healthy!  I'm getting so
 excited to meet him.  we're getting sooooo close now!

we still have time, but not having a name is starting to drive me crazy.  we can't seem to agree this time.  so far the possibilities are: 
Elliot James, we'd call him Eli 
I pulled out that huge million/billion baby name book and am starting at A again! wish me luck!


Morgan said...

Brooke & I got pedicures the other day...they are the BEST!!

Laura said...

Very interesting! By the way, I LOVE the name Elliot!!!