from 1 to 2

here is me today at 33 weeks.
getting big ... and my boobs too - oh goodness!

I am excited, anxious, and happy, yet overwhelmed, a bit freaked out, and insecure. the transition from 1 to 2 children is a big deal ... of course that could be all in my head.  I tend to do that sometimes. hhhmmmmm ....
I know some women are concerned with loving each child the same; that I know I can do.  what I'm more worried about is the possible regression Sam may struggle with, having enough time to bond with each child on "their level," and just knowing the next stage of multi-tasking I'll have to master.

I know that I'm am more than lucky - blessed is the better word to use - that I get to stay home with my kids.  I don't have to work.  my hubby doesn't want me to work.  it's difficult to try and explain to anyone that does have to work, the down-side of this job, being mom.  like anything else, the grass is always greener people!!

I am just here to vent ...

I think it's truly an honor to be pregnant.  there are times when I don't feel like God is using me; it's probably more like He is and I just don't know it, but now it's more than obvious!  I get to help bring life into this world.  I know not everyone can say that; some won't and some just simply can't.  but me, I can.  wow.  when I start to feel all freaked out, this is what I think about ... or try to.

may God bless every mommy out there in blog-land with a revelation on how special you truly are!!

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