answered prayers

today has been filled with blessing after blessing.
God is so good!

hubby just started a new job 3 weeks ago.  this job pretty much fell into hip lap "accidentally."  we've been in the red financially, not knowing if May rent would be paid on time, and also when you're broke, all the bills seems to come all at the same time ... how do they know to do that?!  
he's doing such a great job and has set the standard a bit higher for everyone else now.  he has been recognized by the owner and within the last 2 weeks alone, he's gotten 2 raises, an annual hotel/gas allowance, and plenty more work to come his way.

there are soooo many changes happening around here at the same time, but the major ones are hubby's new job, no extra money of any kind (I've cashed in my change jar already!) and this new baby that's coming - so I've been a bit stressed lately.  my nesting instincts are kicking in; just about 1 month to go, so things have to get done around here!
so I started a couple days ago to do what I can here at the house, everything that doesn't require money - re-arrange and set up some furniture, wash some clothes and blankets, make a list of things I still need, etc.
completely out of the blue, my neighbor knocks on the door this morning.  sort of strange, but this neighbor of mine is NEVER outside, we NEVER  talk at all.  her and hubby have an almost 2 year old boy, so cute!  we've introduced ourselves and I've invited her a few times to playgroups and things, but she always declines for whatever reason.  so for her to come over knock on the door was very surprising!! she gives me 4+ boxes FULL of her son's old clothes, a new Boppy, a baby bathtub, and a floormat/gym thing.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I said thank you about 100 times.  that was so unbelievably generous!
and the "ironic" part of that, for those of you who know my past, is that 0-24 month size clothing was everything I gave away of Sam's.  when hubby and I were split up, I was convinced we would not get back together, let alone, have another child.  getting pregnant with baby boy #2, I sort of wondered when/how we would re-stock ourselves with all the stuff I gave away.

not only is God providing, He is giving us life more abundantly!  I am in such awe by today alone, who deserves such treatment?!

fyi - no one buy baby clothes, I don't need ANY!  I do have a registry at if you're interested in what I do need. :)

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Morgan said...

Congrats to Matt! What is he doing? Also, how exciting about your neighbor giving you all of that baby stuff! You gave all of yours away, so it was bound to happen. I looked up your amazon wishlist, but couldn't find it. You should add a link to your sidebar.