the sample lady

Sam and I went shopping at Costco today ... yes, stuff like that is the highlight of my day sometimes!  for a Monday is was still packed with people; doesn't anyone work anymore?!  actually, more power to you if you don't - I don't and love it!! to my surprise they still had lots of sample ladies, so Sam and I had some good snacks.  these sample ladies are usually older; they must all be grandma's because they're just so darn nice!
after a few samples, Sam was starting to get the hang of it.  every isle there was a treat of some kind; bbq beef sandwich, juice, corndogs, etc.  so after some of the food got to his brain (for those of you that know him, you know what I mean!) he began getting silly in asking for a sample, but he still said "may I have one please" just in his goofy-Sam way.  well this particular sample lady just fell head over heels in love with Sam for being so polite and well-mannered, she gave him another sample and then came over to me with a great big hug and said "thank you for being a good parent," and went on and on.  she made a scene, and then when we walked away I heard her telling the next guy getting a sample about what Sam had said to her.  it was almost embarrassing, but in a good way.

it's probably the best compliment I could get actually.  I feel proud, not of me (ok maybe a little bit), but more of Sam.  he's growing up right before my eyes; he's a boy already, soon to be a kid, soon to be a teenager, soon to be a man.  
as a parent I want to do a good job and really teach my kids morals, integrity, respect, and love.  at this "job" you don't get reviewed for a raise, a gold star on a chart, or a pat on the back.  there are no vacations, no days off.

today I got a hug ... and it felt good.

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