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I never have been a huge advocate for musicals, its always been my inside secret.  kinda.  sorta.  not on purpose of course.  but no one asks, and so I don't go around telling.

I'm not the flamboyant type ... not about this anyway.

oh, and I love the instant streaming on Netflix.
last night I came across Moulin Rouge.  it came out in 2001 ... where was I?  uuummmm, newly married, living in SoCal, going to school full time.  I remember the release, but only because I like the song ... go listen HERE.  oh, and turn it up too.

I'm not a fan of ALL musicals.  these are my favorites -

  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Grease ... this came out the year I was born (1978 ... yep I'm 33 ... as of 2 days ago) and my mom's love for it came through in the DNA somehow
  • Chicago
  • The Sound of Music
  • Hairspray
I love movies too, so along with turning up the singing parts, I can recite the other lines too.  geesh, should I really be saying this?  nerd alert!

I think I steered away from it because I knew it was a love story, and I'm not one for chick flicks.  at all.  but go figure, all my other musical favs are love stories too.
LOVE is in the air ... Valentines Day is right around the corner.

Nicole Kidman is not my favorite, and she was not a very good lip sync-er ... her first (and last?) musical?  Ewan McGregor did awesome, and btw, is very cute.

Moulin Rouge is done differently than my other favorites.  very differently.  its based out of a gentleman's club, but because its a musical, it doesn't get dirty at all.  I still wouldn't have my kids watch it or anything, but its not as hooker-ish as you might think ... if that makes sense.  yes, hooker-ish is a word, but obviously, I'm no movie critic!  :)

my vote - 
thumbs up.  go see it.

thanks Netflix!

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