day 03: then & now

my original intent was not to blog this picture thing everyday.  would that get boring?

I am uninspired to post about much of anything lately, so maybe since pictures are worth 1000 words, this could work out after all.

the whole idea of this class is to USE YOUR CAMERA!
however for this one, know that the 'now' pictures are current, just not from today.

I know, tsk tsk.
I'll do better, I have 27 more assignments to go!

Samuel Thomas

then, age 4

now, age 6

Elliott James

then, age 1ish

now, 2 1/2 ish

brothers, and usually, the best of friends




what a difference 2 little years make, huh?!

I LOVE these munchkins.
they are AMAZING little people.

you can still join the class too.
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