there are so many people that get tattoos of chinese symbols. you probably know that the chinese language is completely different than ours, using symbols to represent multiple words, sayings, and expressions.

I wonder if they think we're silly because we do that.

this is something hubby and I always wondered about ...

first we wonder if what these people get tattooed, is really what they intend. so many people go to tattoo shops and say "I want that one." our guess is that many do not do the research on the meaning and really know what their getting. what do you think?
secondly, we always wondered if we get their language tattooed on us, do they get english words tattooed on themselves?

well, I saw it for myself yesterday at the pool. a girl had "realize" tattooed on her arm. I never did talk to her; I'm sure there is a story behind it ... but isn't that kinda funny?

learn something new everyday :)

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