making Hawaii home

we are getting settled ... we all NEED it.

its fun getting stuff from garage sales and thrift stores, but its also difficult because you never can find it all at once place. and some things you just need right away but can't find it right away, so you try to substitute and .... sigh ... it's getting there.

the man we scored this $5 vanity from (yep, he sold it to us for $5!!) is a pastor of a church in town, which is "funny," because we were talking in the car (seconds beforehand) about the upcoming weekend and which church we will try first.
so come Sunday, we came back to see him. we were the only white people there. you walk into some places around here and the vibe changes instantly; you KNOW when people don't like you. but here, no one cared. they warmly welcomed us and gave us a big, loud ALOHA! in unison. kinda funny, but also, really sweet.

we ended up moving into a condo/apartment complex; one you could find anywhere. it's kind of a bummer. I was looking forward to something much more "hawaiian," if you know what I mean. but we chose this place because we got a GREAT deal for the amount of space.
I am not complaining! we have a great ocean view, the beach is a mile away, and it's quiet ... aside from the peacocks. have you ever heard a peacock?!
the place below us is a vacation rental, so we can stomp away most of the time, and the place above us has no one living in it ... or at least we have never heard one single footstep up there. and our neighbor across the way brought us cookies the day we moved in. I'd say so far, so good!

a few other things I have learned about Hawaii -
*most places do not come with a dishwasher. I loathe doing the dishes, and now I get to do them every. single. flippin'. day. I guess its my sacrifice to living here, ha! damn you murphy's law!
*obnoxiously lifted trucks here are called "animal style."
*at the farmer's market, you can get 20 lobster tails for $10. crazy!
*the traditional flower behind the ear for ladies, symbolizes your martial status. like a wedding ring, if it's behind your left ear, that means your married. if it's behind your right, your available.
*this one is hear-say, I haven't actually met a person who said this about themselves, but, we've been told there are people who are born and raised here and who have NEVER EVER been swimming in the ocean because of the sharks. to me, that is just craziness!

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