I need a home

I love the idea of a blog, but I don't seem to be very good at it. since I seem to have a bit of a chaotic life, I have a difficult time keeping up with it in my own head, let alone here in blogland. I will try to get better, really I will ... I'm not even entirely sure who reads this anyway!

so do I play catch up? or just start from here?
here's the short of the long - we were in Maui for a month, then come to find out that Oahu is the best place to be for work, so here we are.
I got a new car (well, new to me car) that I love. it's a white VW Cabriolet convertible. its a chick car I realize, but I don't care, it's cute & fun! hubby was getting the motorcycle itch again (I figured it was coming back any day now) but this time, instead of a sport bike, he got an old man bike, a cruiser. with these 2 vehicles we only need 1 parking space, which is a really good thing for downtown Honolulu.

we're staying in a highrise condo vacation rental right now. it's ok. we're on the 35th floor, yikes! beautiful view of course, but I'm waaaaaay nervous about being on the lanai with the kids. we're in the process of finding a more permanent place, probably somewhere just outside downtown. our desire of having land and farming are on hold for awhile, which is a bummer because I was really looking forward to it.

... more Hawaii updates to come ...

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