Hawaii tidbits

things I've learned this past month -

* do not shop at the local mom & pop shop on the corner. soooooo ridiculously expensive! so far, Costco is the best place; fairly close to what we were paying on the mainland. its probably about $1 more per item.
* a partly furnished place means it comes with a stove, fridge, and maybe a washer/dryer.
* a cottage is a free standing house and an ohana (Hawaiian for family) is an apartment attached to the main house. however an ohana isn't necessarily small, its just connected, so usually you'd be sharing a yard and parking.
* duplexes here are usually top and bottom, not side to side.
* not all, but MANY Hawaiians do not like white people, going back to how the US obtained HI in the first place. we are "howlies," a special name for white people like me, more like stupid white people. ha! basically the same as the spanish word "gringo." white people that don't know the language, the islands (geographically), and overall, just ignorant about the culture and history. I have just gotten "the looks," but last week, Matt was told he couldn't park in a particular spot because flat out, he's white.
* NEVER miss the opportunity to get a parking pass if you're in or around downtown. what a nightmare parking can be! also, if you don't know how to parallel park, like me, you will be forced to learn. it hasn't been fun.
* if you ever move out here, it is best to come with as little as possible. I'm now glad we couldn't afford a container to bring all our stuff; it would've been impossible.
* its too bad I don't like fish. you can fish for free here!

more to come, I'm sure.

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