good intentions

this is the most snow I've seen in 5 years! we used to live in the sticks of NorCal, Portola to be exact, and we got plenty of snow there.
living in Chico and then in Corona, snow is more like make believe so it was easy to forget about it.
this year in Colorado we've gotten some snow, but it always melted the next day. yesterday was not one of those days.
I took this photo at 815am, shortly after I woke up. I should've taken more later in the day, because there was more to shovel. there was probably a good foot of snow.

this is from my bedroom window looking out onto the neighbors yards. pretty neat to wake up to this. I really do hope we have a white Christmas this year.
probably won't be able to see a thing in the spring; those trees will be covered with new green leaves.
not that I spy on my neighbors or anything!

so Sam and I go out to play and shovel the driveway. I thought I was being a great multi-tasker; I started a load of laundry, I fed Elliott and put him down for his morning nap, and I was entertaining/working with Sam outside.
we were outside for 1/2 hour or so and I thought to check on Elliott. I hear nothing so I continue shoveling. here's what I find coming in another 1/2 hour later -

poor baby! I don't normally put him down for a nap on his bouncy seat, but I wanted to keep him downstairs while we were outside. his swing is out of batteries and if he's in that while it's not moving, he'd wake up within 10 minutes. very furstrating for me. D batteries are expensive!
anyway, I thought I would be able to hear his shrieks, if there were any. apparently, I did not.

I run the risk of looking like a bad mother, I know. I sure felt like it when I found him this way ... although I thought it was funny too, which is why I got the camera!
originally he was swaddled with 1/2 the seatbelt on - only 1/2 because I couldn't get the thingy between his legs. with all his squirming and wiggling, and probably screaming too, he managed to get out of his swaddle and scoot down.

he's been concentrating on freedom these last couple of weeks. I also found him on his tummy this morning in his crib.
he'll be crawling soon it seems, which will be weird because his brother never crawled ... I take that back, Sam crawled for only 2 days, then started walking.

lesson learned. sorry Elliott.

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Morgan said...

That is adorable, hilarious, and sad all at the same time. And, don't worry Katie, every mom has stuff like that happen to them! :)