name song

I saw this on Pinerest and thought ... YES!  someone, somewhere feels my pain.

is your name in a song?
growing up, I would hear "my song" often.  the people who usually sing it to me are older men.
its cute, but back then, it just wasn't cool ... like I had some kind of reputation to uphold.

I'm from the mid-west, so maybe that has something to do with these old men so willingly start up an acapella in the middle of whatever they are doing when they hear my name.

I would still be embarrassed, but I would smile so big if some old man sang to me like they used to.  of course this song dates back to 1918, so everyone that knows it may be dead.  just sayin'.

here's some HISTORY on k-k-k-katy

in case you're not familiar ... here's "my song"
and THIS GUY ... who must love a Katie

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