do you remember your first crush?
I remember thinking Stephen was cute (so cute!) in the 3rd grade, and I was so sad to have to move away at the end of that school year and be away from him ... although I can't ever remember saying 2 words to him.

love is funny that way, right?

my Samuel is in 2nd grade, and has informed me of some rather big news -
"mom, I almost married a girl at school today"
"really?  does she know about this?"
"no.  but she's so beautiful!"
"did you get a name?"
"her name is Faye and she looks like she's from China"

hahahahahahahahaha!  gotta love kids.

"well does she speak Chinese?"
"she is probably just as American as you are."
"she's so beautiful.  she wears these little red heart earrings."
"does she know how much you like her?"
"no, but maybe you could buy some flowers for me to give to her.  what do you say?"
"I say, why don't you draw her a picture of some flowers?"
"mooooooom, no way."
"let's give this some time.  school just started 2 weeks ago."
"I'm gonna try and sit next to her tomorrow."

I totally missed back to school night due to illness, which also means I missed my chance to meet this future daughter-in-law, along with her parents.  I've heard of high school sweethearts, but ... funny to think about Sam growing up, getting married, and making me a grandma.  although I do mention it to him from time to time so he kind of gets it ... but then again, not really.

wish me luck!

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