$1 store

I have a new love for the $1 store.  When I was in Hawaii last year, there were no $1 stores!!  what is a cheap frugal mom to do?!
The one in my neighborhood is a bigger one.  love that.

here are my usuals - 
1 gal of Crystal Geyser water ... now I have seen this for .88 @ SaveMart BUT its very rare.
SUN powder detergent ... I have seriously gotten 10 loads from 1 box.
Soft Soap ... the individuals, not the refill bottles.  I normally buy this soap at whatever store I'm shopping at; it works the best for my drying hands.
Suave kids shampoo/body wash 2 in 1
raspberry popsicles ... 8 in a box.  yum.
sweet potatoes fries ... I have attempted to make these from scratch and they NEVER turn out right, so I have decided just to buy them from now on!
individual raisins boxes ... perfect for school lunches.
they had great school supplies there too ... notebooks, rulers, pencils, erasers, folders, pens, and lots more. 
a broom!  ... only bought one so far

did you know the $1 store has a CLEARANCE section?!
most of it is returned merchandise without the original packaging.  everything is .25 - .75 in there!!

what do you buy from the $1 store?

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