the waiting room

what do you do when you're not called to go? and not called to stay?
you're suppose to wait on the Lord. ok, I agree with that.
but how long does one wait?

my simple answer would be "indefinitely." however long God wants you to wait. a season being a day, a week, a month, or years.
and of course when applying it to MY life, my answer changes a bit. you see, I have been asking & wondering & praying for years about who I am, what am I to do ... simply, my ultimate purpose for God.

I have come to terms with life I have now; it was somewhat of a struggle for a time. as in, the husband God made me for, the kids God blessed us with, certain relationships, and the rest of life is seemingly circumstantial. and we all know circumstances are always changing, usually out of our control, so my daily goal is not to worry about that stuff. let tomorrow worry about itself, Matthew chapter 6.

I have never been called to a specific church, to do mission work, to use my God-given talent ... because I don't believe I have one that is THAT apparent, and as much as I may have wanted, I've never been called to stay in one particular place. I guess that's why I married the guy I did, because he doesn't have that either.
the one thing he does have, is a gift that is obvious to everyone who meets him. he's a people person - sales, counseling/teaching, marketing, leadership. he's gifted without trying. and for the last few years, after finally acknowledging this, he's been focusing on how to use this to better himself and those around him for God. as a christian businessman, you start and finish with honesty.

I'm getting away from ... my point? no, my vent.

so anyway, with all that, it fits to into the perspective to do things while looking for God's red flag. doesn't it? now I not saying that because it's convenient and easy for latest decision on moving, but in consideration of our current circumstances (without worrying about them) we aren't/don't get the direct answers we're wanting ... or we're still doing something wrong.

yes, we're in the word.
yes, we listen to worship music.
yes, we pray.
we position ourselves the best way we know how to taste, hear, and see.

what's the verse that says -
when you get to heaven, you will see/know all things as He does
obviously not verbatim. I probably should know the verse, because I really do like this one. it's one I envision, and I like the image I get. standing with God, and Him explaining everything I don't understand, as we look down on the world together. just talking with His undivided attention. can't wait for that.

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