a few favorite pictures from our trip. I think most of my regular readers are also with me on facebook; that's where you'll see more. enjoy.
it was definitely fun, stress-free, and even with the yucky weather, it was beautiful!

to Laura & Steve, thanks for your comments. it is interesting, isn't it?

for me, I am waiting on some kind of confirmation. one of those things that you can never know how it will be delivered, but once it is, you know it. I've always been a "glass is 1/2 empty" type, so I'm much more pessimistic and honestly, kind of a downer sometimes. for Matthew, he waits for a red flag. a confirmation NOT to go.

I do admire the day-by-day mentality, because tomorrow is not promised.

I believe that when you can see a pattern in your life, it's God trying to get through to you. in our case the pattern is apparent, but we're still missing the point. God has our attention ... now what? wait.
believe me, this is our ongoing conversation to try and figure it out. daily. it's kind of annoying.

does a pattern always have to be negative? what if God is preparing us for something bigger? we're definitely not the same people we were in CA, and look at how much change has come from these new environments. there has been tons of change in us, and I can't say I would even want to be that same person I was back then. I know I can safely say Matthew feels the same on that.
now would change still come without all this commotion? yes, but not sure if it would happen to the same degree. God can obviously bring change to anyone, anytime, anywhere, but He chooses to bring it in different forms, no? in a way we can hear Him, see His kingdom, and see where we fit into it.

what is amazing to me is that with all this change, all this moving, God has always created a way. for example, a job for Matt. not just any job, a job that pays well enough for me to continue to stay home with the boys, allowing me to do homeschool with Sam, and to be with Elliott. food in the fridge. roof over our heads, again, not just any roof, a house in good neighborhoods. not some little apartment with smaller utility bills and in a sketchy area. also something to note, our kids sleep good at night. they don't appear to be stressed, they are not continually [physically] sick, not stressed out, or depressed at all. in fact, Sam is behind in age but excelling in kindergarten. there is no evidence of worry or burdens on them.

our goal is to be stable and prosper spiritually, nothing else. having this mentality while this business is downsizing and looking like it might be the end, is flat out frustrating. knowing you have the right heart, with the right intention, and it still fails, is very discouraging.

it's a good thing Matthew and I are opposites. we were totally brought together to bring balance to each other, because when we're together we become the perfect person. :) that's how I like to think of it anyway!
if I was just like him, God only knows what kind of trouble we'd be in.
if he was just like me, we would probably be so boring, never going anywhere or doing anything.

God has a plan, and thankfully, it's bigger than what we see. we'd just screw it up!


steve said...

You know, I should have mentioned this in my last comment, but coincidentally, my brother moved to hawaii yesterday. literally, yesterday. weird, right?

i wouldn't take that as a sign, just an odd coincidence.

mrskgrimm said...

hahahaha! I won't take it as a sign. :)
what island? what is he doing there? awesome for him, and for you guys to go visit him there instead of SoCal!

steve said...

He's on Oahu. I might go there in January; it's a good excuse to run the HURT 100.

steve said...

oh, and he doesn't even know what he's doing there.