volunteer gift wrap

I recently found out that bookstores, like Borders and Barnes & Noble, take volunteers for gift wrapping during the holiday season.

They will also allow you to collect tips, but only for a non-profit organization. Perfect for me since I've registered to walk in Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer. I was there last night and only made $10, which covers my gas to get there since I'm in the sticks, but that's ok! it's fun and it gets the word out about the walk anyway.

Now this would not be for you real creative types. They gave me a folding table with paper, tape, scissors, a few bows, but that's it. it's pretty blah. you may have guessed, everyone that did get the wrapping were men. ha! typical, but hey, at least they got it done!

I called yesterday and got a couple different shifts, but only because someone cancelled. apparently they start scheduling this in July/Aug. I had no idea!

this could be good for churches, moms clubs, or schools. lots of possibilities.

just wanted to spread the word.

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