merry chirstmas

Merry CHRISTmas!

Being a christian I've known December 25th is Jesus' birthday, but I've used this day like the rest of the world - this year included. I'm going through the motions of the day, the way our culture has created it to be. traveling to be with family, friends, eating lots of food, dressing up, buying and giving gifts ... which is all great, but if today is a birthday, shouldn't we be honoring Him? I'm going through the motions because I feel an obligation, and I don't feel like I'm honoring Jesus by doing it.

the obligation is from what I was raised in, by worldly people. and kids believe the truth to be whatever their parents do and say. after becoming an adult (whenever that was) it then becomes my fault, my ignorance, my obligation, my distraction from what Christmas is REALLY suppose to be.

a true believer doesn't just believe in Jesus. a true believer doesn't just go to church on Sundays. it's not just about reading the bible, it's about living it. and not just on Christmas, but every single day.

going through the motions of obligation is NOT living it. I don't want to pass onto my children that same obligation. Today we honor the birth of our Lord.

I'm not entirely sure what that will include (I'm thinking volunteering &/or a soup kitchen) but I just know that how we are doing it this year is not right. Give in a way you can; give with faith to people who actually need it ... like Jesus came to heal the sick, to those who needed it and were faithful for it.

Americans consume way too much as it is ... and then to throw Christmas on top of that, then it just become ridiculous! how much stuff does a person need?!

All that said, we've decided to tell Samuel that Santa is a made up story. He's definitely not traumatized, in fact, I'm not convinced he totally believes us. he says "what about all the songs mama?" I guess he'll get it next year!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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