c'mon 32

so my hubby can't keep a secret to save his life. his anticipation and excitement builds up too much and he simply can't stand it. he tries to make it so I pry it out of him, but this is how it really went down -
"so do you want to know?"
"no I can wait until Christmas"
"want to play 20 questions?"
"no, I'll wait"
"oh, but you'll need a few months to prepare"
"yea right"
"no really. don't you want to know?!"
"you're pathetic. alright, what is it?"

so for Christmas, he is taking us to HAWAII during my birthday!! so on my 32nd birthday, we will be up in a helicopter getting a birds eye view of the islands!

for one entire day, we'll be at a luau. 10 hours of eating, drinking, belly dancing ... and whatever else they do.
he also found a VIP pass that will be good for museums, parks, spas, and a whole bunch of other extras for the entire trip.

us = him and I ... NO KIDS

my birthday isn't until February, but the whole idea is to leave 3 feet of snow behind us. right now in December, we have snow but not tons and tons of it. by February we'll be so sick of snow, it'll be great timing.

now he hasn't actually purchased the tickets yet, but he definitely knows better than to play with my emotions like that!
anyone know - will prices be better after the new year when holiday travel is over?

I've wanted a getaway with my hubby for what seems like forever. of course I love my kids, but mama & papa have to come first sometimes. whoo hoo! I'm soooooo excited!

got any insider tips for me? I'm all ears!

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Morgan said...

So funny! Eric is the exact opposite- he's the best surprise, secret keeper.

What island are you going to? Do you know where you're staying? Wherever I'm sure it'll be an amazing trip!