it's just hair

I have never been a real trendy person, and I don't think I ever really compared myself to others too much ... ok maybe in my high school days, but still, it was never too extreme.  I was never really into fashion, make up, name brands, or "what's hot" that season; just not a girly girl I guess.
Moving here, I have been forced to get some style!  I've always had great, naturally curly and naturally thick hair, until I moved to here ...  actually after being pregnant twice, my hair has thinned out a bit, but living at this elevation has made my hair gone pretty much straight.  blah.

what's a girl to do?!
luckily I have a beautician for a sister!

so here's the cut I've gone with; and the only celebrity I can think of who also has this cut is:
I think it looks really good on her.

now that I have some sort of style, I notice everywhere I go!  when I'm out and about running errands with the boys, I see tons of other moms with the same haircut.  apparently I picked something too trendy, so that makes me not like it so much.

and then I think, well, at least I didn't get in on this mom-phase, ha!  
PS - have you seen the SNL skit for mom jeans?  hilarious!


Morgan said...

I had that exact same hair! I cut it really short right before Silas was born, then still had the a-line, just longer. It's grown out now, but I think I'm going to cut it soon.

It's the perfect mom haircut- super cute, but short so quick and easy to style!

Your hair looks great! You need to post a picture of YOU!! :)

Robyn said...

That would look so cute on you! Yes, post pictures! I wish I lived in a place where my hair would go flat.