on the road again

now that our computers are set up and the camera cords are found, I can get on with this! ok, a little catching up to do ...
this is a shot I took out the sunroof while I was driving. I love clouds. do you know there is a national (or is it international?) cloud association? they have some very cool pictures!
the majority of the driving was through mountains. so cool. I've never been to the grand canyon, but the next few pictures is what I'd imagine it to be like.

this was HUGE!

I was driving behind this the whole way.

because I was driving behind the truck, I was only going 55 mph the whole way. after many hours of this, I got bored. so I got out my camera and this happened. I'll spare you the others I took ... I'm a dork.

here is the best shot I could get of our moving load. we filled a 26' truck, towed the pick-up with that filled too! like I said before, you're stuff begins to own you.

these shots remind me of some of the scenes from Forest Gump, when he was running.
"I just felt like running!"
I love that movie!

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