family fun

he's not a fan of flying

the Grimm's
since we're in CO, hubby was going for the mountain man look. ha!

Saturday morning cartoons
where am I going to sit?

Eli grabbed Sam's hair seconds after this - ouch!

tough Mr. Incredible
the cutest bumble bee
I couldn't get a very good picture. maybe I'll dress them up again so I can - I still have the costumes!

and last but not least - Sam's birthday.
he woke up and we stuck a party hat on him with a 'birthday boy' button. he was so excited to be 4!

I bought Sam new pants the other day. if I were to see just the pants, I'd say there is no way he'd fit into them. he is all legs.
since Elliott is 6 months, I had to update his wardrobe too. goodbye to those really really really cute newborn clothes.
my boys are growing ... and it's blowing my mind!

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