captain adorable

Elliott is coming up on 6 months old already. how fast did that fly by?! too fast.
although I have to say that I'm VERY happy those sleepness nights are over ... mostly. that is the hands-down worst part of babies. if somebody ever wants to torture me for information, sleep deprivation would totally work - I'll tell you anything!
today is the day he becomes an infant - at least this is what I call the turning point into infancy. Elliot enjoyed his very first bowl of rice cereal today. he's been eye-balling our food pretty hard these last couple of weeks, and of course papa gives him a few lickin's of whatever he's eating. from the pictures, you can tell he was happy about it.

as you can see we used his bumbo seat, we don't have a high chair yet. and yes I know, you're really not suppose to put the bumbo on a table ... but he IS still alive, so don't worry!

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Morgan said...

He is seriously such a good looking baby! So cute!

I'm glad he liked the rice cereal. Silas loves it, too! And, I put the bumbo on the table all the time. I think as long as you're right there nothing can happen.