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today Elliott is 2 weeks. aren't those toes cute?!
I think I've left the house twice since we've been home. once for his doctor's appointment, and once for mine.
that first growth spurt is kicking in. we're up every 2-3 hours eating and eating and eating and eating some more. needless to say, I'm tired.

I'm still recovering from the surgery, but at this point can do everything but pick Sam up. his 32 lbs is just too much for me.
I'm losing weight already, which is cool. I don't know how much ... if I begin using a scale, I'll get obsessed and paranoid. it's one of those things I'm better off not knowing. I'm still in maternity clothes, so I haven't lost that much yet.

my awesome mom's club is bringing me dinner 3x a week. I'll be sad when it's over. it's so nice to have other people cook for you! maybe when I have too much money I'll hire a chef for a few nights per week, one that will do the grocery shopping too.

Sam loooooves his brother. he talks to him in a very high-pitched voice (like most people automatically do ... which I think is funny!) and gives him lots and lots of lovin'.
we've had a bit of bad behavior this week; could that be the regression? I guess I shouldn't wait for it to come, it may never. Sam needs something just for him, I'm sure that would help. it's good summer is here, there are lots of activities going on. I'll be signing him up for swimming and he says he wants to play soccer. I'll officially be a soccer mom! how funny.

I know 2 other gals that just had a baby a few days after Elliott arrived, and I now know 3 people who are newly preggo. babies are everywhere! it's kind of like once you buy a new car, you see the exact one you got everywhere. strange, right? can another baby boom be possible? hhhmmmmm

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Jenna said...

so precious. congratulations on your new little baby! that is so cute how sam talks to him. he's gonna be such a great big brother!