May 28, 2008

Here are a few photos of our newest addition.
More to come, I'm sure!

Nice outfits, huh? this is us all prepped for surgery.
I was pretty excited, but scared too. I'm not sure if this was a real smile or not.

Here he is, Elliott James.
Just minutes old.
He was crying right away and I just couldn't help but cry and cry, I was so happy.
What a great feeling that was.

Hubby bought a tiger at the gift shop because his cries sounded identical to a baby tiger trying to growl or maybe a baby lion trying to roar - I don't know, some kind of wild animal!
It was a great sound.

Sam was happy to see his new brother.
He gives him lots of kisses, sometimes a few too many.

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AnonaMama said...

This pictures are so adorable! I am so happy for you and you family. Elliot is a total cutie!!!