my week

who says you need a girl to paint pretty toes with?  I was honestly minding my own when Sam comes in, "mama, what beautiful toes you have!  can you make my toes pink too?"  I thought pink may be overboard for him (or maybe his dad would think so!) so I said "how 'bout blue?"  he went for that, and so, here are our pretty toes!  this being his first time with painted toes, whenever anyone comes over, Sam makes sure to mention his toes.  pretty, right?!

so we went geo-caching again this Sunday; it was a bust!  I chose 3 this time because 1 went by too fast; I guess because we had such a good time actually finding it.  all were in the easy category, but we didn't find any!  it was a big bummer, especially because it's still 100 degrees here and for some reason we went out at 1:00pm - not a good idea!

here are some photos anyway of Sam searching for treasure. before we got to the 3rd one, we realize we have to have something for Sam, otherwise he won't want to come on these adventures anymore.  the only things I had in the car was a matchbox car and an orange flashlight, and by looking at his face, he was happy to find 'em!  and oh yeah, check out that mohawk!

and last but not least, a blurb about Eli.  I tried to take his picture as I'm holding him.  he says "no pictures mom!" and puts his hand up ... that will never stop me!  this guy is just a few weeks old; sometimes I feel like he's been around a lot longer, but maybe that's the lack of sleep talking because some days are really looooong!

I getting tired of looking and smelling like spit up.  I'm afraid to wear anything  1/2 way nice because it will just end up getting covered in that stuff.  even though I use burp cloths, it somehow gets on my shirt too.  eeewwww!  
it's amazing to me that even though he's out, he's still completely dependent on me.  like I said in another post, he is my world and I am his ... literally.  I have heard these first few months ought to be called the 4th trimester 
because of this dependence, and not to mention all those hormones trying to get back to normal.  I guess it would be called the 4th quad-mester, right?

I just am in love with the bond that is developing; there is nothing else in the world like it.  of course this job is ultra-frustrating at times, but just one moment can make up for the rest of the day.  like when he's sleeping, he'll get a huge cheesy smile on his face - just precious!  and now his awake time is getting a bit longer, so when he is calm and trying to look at everything around him, learning & growing just as fast as he can, it's fascinating to watch and wonder what he's thinking about.  it truly is miraculous how God brings life into this world; such perfection.

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