why do people have a problem with nursing in public?  I can understand that it would be uncomfortable seeing breasts everywhere, for men and women alike, but being discreet and remaining covered while nursing is what most women do, yet it still seems to make people uncomfortable.  is the majority just not mature enough?
I went out this morning with both boys, and it was long enough to where I knew I'd have to feed Eli while we were out at some point.  we went to the movies, which by the way, I love the freebie summer movies.  (if you don't know about them, check out the website at: and afterwards we went to Target, which is where Eli woke up hungry.  so I found my way to the patio section and of course, they were taking it down and rearranging the entire area for what looked like back to school (already?!).  luckily there were still some chairs, so I found the most out of the way spot.  but because they were taking it all down, the patio furniture was on clearance and there was more traffic back there than usual.  oh well, my boy needs to eat!
Sam is doing good, staying where I can see him, playing with whatever is around. 
I'm minding my own business, feeding Eli, using my nursing cover.  well let me tell you, I got some looks. they weren't dirty looks, and no one said anything, but I noticed it and could tell people were uncomfortable just to glance over.  they obviously knew what I was doing.  I was waiting for an employee to come over and ask me to leave or something; I was ready to say "you can't make me, it's perfectly legal ... so there!"
then on my way home I thought of why they may have been looking the way they did.  this is the pattern of my nursing cover - I laughed when I saw it in the store.  cute, right?!  I do feel like a dairy cow at times, and I'd like to keep a sense of humor about it.  even though it has lots of pink to it, I love it.  maybe people were looking at the print?  who knows!

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Morgan said...

That is a HILARIOUS print for a nursing cover! (Which, btw, I don't think it girly at all.) I'm sure if I saw a mom using that I'd look, giggle, and tell her how much I love it!