a new day ... yesterday

I did a few new things yesterday, so it keeps kind of a special feeling with me.
well not exactly new new, but things I haven't done in what seems like forever!!  For example -

  • I held a 10 day old baby girl.  she was beautiful, and I could've cried because of it.  It took me by surprise that I sort of forgot hold to hold a squishy baby.  She was alert, watching me.  Even though she knew I wasn't mama, she was content.
  • I filed my DBA and paid for the publication saying my business has officially arrived and I'm legit.  that is scary ... mostly because if someone called me to do actual work, I'd freak, but I will try to just stay excited about it.  ps.  check out my other blog www.renewtheview.blogspot.com ... that's what I do.
  • I bought a dress.  I stopped by Ross on my way home, and ladies if you are in the market, summer items are on the clearance racks.  I suppose most stores will be doing that now, making room for sweaters, jeans, and winter jackets.  I got a dress that is dark denim blue (but NOT denim, because that would be along the lines of hideous).  If I actually wear it, I may or may not post it ... wearing it will be another exceptional day because dresses aren't exactly my thing.

and today ...

  • someone gave me a bed in GREAT condition, along with head/foot board.  that same someone also gave me a dinning table & 4 chairs.  AND delivered it all to me.
  • my neighbor gave me a perfect all-in-one tool box; a perfect tool set for a girl.  basic, not complicated :)

its easy to feel like I'm doing something right when all these blessings come my way ... I hope thats the truth.  I have no doubts whatsoever, and that feels good too.

how was your day?

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