ER visits

the school year just started, and Sam has stayed home sick once and I have been to the doctor with Elliott once.  this is our first year in the school and honestly, I'm afraid of what's coming.  we will most definitely be getting our flu shots soon!  will you?

I just read an article in my Costco magazine about when to take your child to the ER.
(Just a reminder for you super-moms!)

A - Airway.  Is your child choking?
B - Breathing.  Is there difficulty or struggle to breathe?
C - Circulation & Consciousness.  Can you stop the bleeding?  body going limp?
D - Disability & Dehydration.  Walking normally?  Vomiting & diarrhea without keeping down fluids?
E - Environmental Exposure. Includes things like: electric shocks, burns, frostbites, heat-related illness or trauma.

If you're unsure, better safe than sorry!!
If you are uninsured like so many of us are, find a 24/7 nurse hotline ready to go.

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