I luv Starbucks

I was headed to Starbucks the other day ... coffee, wifi, and time alone is the perfect afternoon for me. hey, I never claimed to be glamorous.

so I went to order my drink (grande skinny vanilla latte, hot, no foam ... its seems like a mouth-full, doesn't it?) and she's ringing it up, all is normal.
and then she asks, "so how are you today?"
and I know all sales people do this, as well as, uppity people in coffee shops ... I'm not insulting her, but usually those that work in a coffee shop are "on" coffee, so they are extra happy, you know?
anyway, I told her the truth.  I didn't begin venting and tell her my drama, but I said, "you know, I've been better.  but thanks for asking."
and she stopped what she was doing and said, "you know what?  the drink is on us."
me - "what?  really?  you don't have to do that."
her - "yep.  we want your day to get better, starting right now."
and I looked at the barista there, and all he could do was smile and agree with her.

WOW Starbucks, thanks!

now if you're the stingy type, you can go and try this, however, I'm not saying it guarantees a free drink, but ...

I was just honest.  and I somehow got the message that being honest is a valuable thing and still worth something.

that day, it was a latte.  hey, works for me.

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