the big 3

Happy Birthday to my Elliott.
today he is 3 years old.

Elliott is starting to show just how different he is from his big brother.  he has always just copied Sam, but now, he imitates him and then takes it up a notch.  and when he does that, then Sam imitates him.  its usually a vicious cycle that ends up really messy, and we are either all laughing hysterically or someone is crying like their arm just got cut off.

this boy is sweet.  he loves to love.  he's a hugger and kisser.
Elliott makes people smile real smiles.  what I mean is, you can often tell when people are having a bad day, week, or possibly just have a tough life.  Elliott comes along, and can get them to break that hard outer shell and smile.  and not just a fake smile; they smile with their eyes too.  you can see that its real heartfelt.  I have never ever seen someone be able to do that.  I love that about him. 

Samuel is also a people person, but he uses his words.  when he starts talking, people listen.  he's a natural leader.
when Elliott looks, laughs, touches, speaks, people respond too, just in a different way.  this boy is a natural supporter, and always seems to be encouraging others that way.
either way, my boys have been given a gift with other people.  and its just amazing to watch.

Elliott is very mischievous.  he's into everything, and loves it of course.  he even has his "evil little laugh" down,  you know the one I'm talking about.  as upset as I can get with him, I still want to get my camera and take a picture of whatever he has gotten into.  and when I do that, he knows I can't really be that mad.

he hates -
brushing his teeth
going to bed, or rather, staying in bed
his brother

he loves -
shower/bath time
his brother

he's talking in sentences more and more, and he's able to be specific about what he wants.  which is good ... and bad ... but mostly good.  I am excited he is becoming more independent, in fact, I am selling my last stroller which would make him officially a kid and not a toddler.  now if we could just get the potty training thing to happen ...

getting back into the bloggy-swing-of-things, birthday pics coming soon!

Elliott James,
I love you more than an elephant!
<3 Mama

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