Birthday Fun!

For my family and friends that keep up with us here, enjoy pics of our big boy Elliott!
Considering our circumstances, we kept it low-key ... well as much as you can with 5 kids and sugary cupcakes. :)

a gift & card from his big brother

"Dear Elliott.  I am glad that you are turning 3."
so sweet.

He got "Let's Go Fish" game.  He's been pretending to fish everywhere (in the car, off the bed, outside) so this really was the perfect gift for him.
I love the tongue ... it helps him concentrate you know. :)

You can see how proud he was to do it all by himself!

He got to choose who played with first, and he didn't want anyone but his brother.

Then his Aunt Elizabeth (almost 6 years old) could play next with him.


Elliott & Aunt Elizabeth

Samuel and Aunt Victoria (almost 9 years old)

Happy Birthday to Elliott!!

ps. I'm getting really good at fishing too ... we've been everyday.

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